All piercings have a basic fee that will differ from your total. The fee covers the cost to perform the piercing and the jewelry is priced separately according to the intricacy of each piece. Basic jewelry (meaning standard titanium labrets with single gem ends or plain barbells with no embellishments) starts at roughly $35. Gold ends start at roughly $50 each without the accompanying post. All jewelry supplied by me is made by the best manufacturers in the industry and backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty, with no plating or mystery metals.

Basic Piercings

$25 for one, two for $35, three for $40, four for $45

Any piercing on the ear, nose (nostril or septum), navel, nipple, eyebrow,or bridge.

Oral Piercings

$30 for one or two for $40.

Any piercing involving the mouth, lips, or tongue.

Surface and Genital Piercings


Surface piercings are piercings that require a 90 degree barbell. Gential piercings include the vertical clitoral hood, Prince Albert, frenum, or any other piercing in the genital area.


Set of Nipples

With basic titanium

Starts at $100


Set of Earlobes

With 3mm gems


fixed navel_edited.jpg

Navel Piercing

With gems


"I'm allergic to 'fake' jewelry/can only wear gold/silver/etc.. What do you recommend?"

There are many reasons you may have had a rough time wearing jewelry from other sources previously that may have nothing to do with allergy. Most jewelry you buy at the mall labeled "hypoallergenic" is actually made with sub-par materials. All of the jewelry I carry is biocompatible, made from quality materials like implant grade titanium and solid 14k gold, and from reputable sources that provide a lifetime guarantee. If you suspect that you have a metal allergy, I recommend seeing a doctor to confirm your allergy before getting a piercing.

"Can I bring my own jewelry?"

I cannot use jewelry that I do not personally provide. All of the jewelry I use must be biocompatible and mirror-polished, as well as able to be sterilized in my autoclave.