Frequently Asked Questions

"What is the best way to contact you?"

You can contact me directly through this site, Facebook, Instagram, or you can call the shop for walk-in availability. Booking is done on the Book Now page.

"Is an appointment required for all services, including to purchase jewelry?"

For the most part, yes. If you want your service to be guaranteed, you will have to make an appointment. Sometimes I will accept walk-ins if I have enough time in between clients, but it is not not always guaranteed. I do this not only to keep the shop from getting packed, but to also give each client plenty of one-on-one time so you get the service you deserve, without distractions or interruptions. 

"I'm allergic to 'fake' jewelry/can only wear gold/silver/etc.. What do you recommend?"

There are many reasons you may have had a rough time wearing jewelry from other sources previously that may have nothing to do with allergy. Most jewelry you buy at the mall labeled "hypoallergenic" is actually made with sub-par materials. All of the jewelry I carry is biocompatible, made from quality materials like implant grade titanium and solid 14k gold, and from reputable sources that provide a lifetime guarantee. If you suspect that you have a metal allergy, I recommend seeing a doctor to confirm your allergy before getting a piercing.

"How much does jewelry cost?"

The cost of jewelry varies from piece to piece, but the range for most pieces is going to be anywhere from $35 to over $500.

"Can I bring my own jewelry?"

I cannot use jewelry that I do not personally provide. All of the jewelry I use must be biocompatible and mirror-polished, as well as able to be sterilized in my autoclave.

"Can I get pierced while I'm pregnant?"

No. Your body is busy making a baby and even healed piercings you've had for years may start acting up. It's much more wise to wait until you are no longer pregnant and at least 6 months after breastfeeding to get a piercing.

"What should I do to prepare for a piercing?"

Get a good night's rest, hydrate, and eat a good meal within four hours before your appointment. If you are getting a piercing under clothing, wear something comfortable that will allow for access to the area being pierced. Make sure you have all appropriate documents and payment method with you.

"The piercing I want isn't listed on the services I can book for. Why?"

If a piercing is not listed in the services you can book, it is because I do not offer that piercing. This can be for many reasons, so feel free to inquire about why I do not offer certain services.

"I'm having issues with my piercing, what do I do?"

Piercings can become irritated or problematic for a number of reasons. The best thing to do is to schedule a checkup so we can get to the bottom of the issue. You can book a checkup on this site.

"What forms of payment do you take?"

Cash is preferred, but I do accept most cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

"Do you use numbing agents or can they be used for my piercing?"

While topical numbing will work for the first few layers of skin for tattoos, they don't really do much for piercings, which penetrate much deeper. In fact, numbing agents thicken and distort the tissue, making it more difficult to pierce through and resulting in crooked piercings when the numbing wears off.