Hold Up!

Before you book your appointment, make sure to read about ID requirements, pricing, and FAQ. Failure to come prepared will result in a forfeit of your appointment and a cancellation fee.

"Is an appointment required for all services?"

For the most part, yes. If you want your service to be guaranteed, you will have to make an appointment. Sometimes I will accept walk-ins if I have enough time in between clients, but it is not not always guaranteed. I do this not only to keep the shop from getting packed, but to also give each client plenty of one-on-one time so you get the service you deserve, without distractions or interruptions.

"The piercing I want isn't listed on the services I can book for. Why?"

If a piercing is not listed in the services you can book, it is because I do not offer that piercing. This can be for many reasons, so feel free to inquire about why I do not offer certain services.

"Do you use numbing agents or can they be used for my piercing?"

While topical numbing will work for the first few layers of skin for tattoos, they don't really do much for piercings, which penetrate much deeper. In fact, numbing agents thicken and distort the tissue, making it more difficult to pierce through and resulting in crooked piercings when the numbing wears off.